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Wedding in an exclusive villa in Florence video

The charming wedding in one of the most exclusive villas with the most beathtaking view of Florence. For more Italian wedding videos enjoy our YouTube channel


An outdoor wedding with great views of Florence

You want to touch the famous cupola of the Florentine Dome with your own hands? Well, in this villa you think you do!!! The panoramic garden terrace is just a dream. All Florence is at your feet. The perfect venue for a wedding in Florence.

When Olga contacted us in March, it nearly seemed late. Many venues were fully booked out, others didn’t match with Stefan’s ideas. But suddenly everything turned out to be easy. Thanks to the lucky star, this villa turned out to be available and things went incredibly smooth. Olga was wondering all the time: “Why am I not stressed as all my friends that are getting married? They all complain and can’t understand why I’m so calm!”

And in the end she said: ”I’ve been to many weddings in amazing places all over the world, but my wedding was the best and most beautiful of them all.”

We had so much fun with all the decorations and arrangements! Enjoy this wonderful wedding in Florence!

Enjoy beautiful Italian wedding castles and villas in Tuscany one our website and contact us soon with your wedding plans, it’s easier than you might think.

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