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A terrace with sea view: enjoy the romantic and carefree wedding in Positano of Carrie and Collin

Close your eyes and imagine… a splendid city clinging on a cliff falling sheer onto the sea… the warmth of the sun, the friendliness of Southern Italy… Nothing says better “amusing”, “friendly” and “romantic”, than the splendid Amalfi Coast!

In love with Southern Italy and its beauty, this lovely couple from San Francisco couldn’t dream of a better scenery than the marvelous town of Positano and its amazing town hall with a terrace looking directly onto the blue sea… and after a meaningful, very romantic ceremony, what better way to end such a perfect day, than with a charming dinner at a beach restaurant?

Dreaming of a splendid seaside wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Just contact us with your request; we look forward to helping you live the wedding in Italy of your dreams!

A romantic elopement in Venice: enjoy the romantic dream of Kristina and Silvio

Venice, beautiful, charming and matchless… Venice the elegant, Venice the Sea Queen, Venice the magnificent… Could you think of a better setting for a romantic elopement in Italy? This lovely Croatian couple certainly couldn’t!

Kristina and Silvio, a splendid couple from the charming Croatia decided to live their dream with a romantic autumn wedding in Venice… And eloping in Venice, it is pure romance, charm, and beauty… without giving up on anything! After a romantic ceremony at the town hall of Venice (with view on the splendid Grand Canal) Kristina and Silvio enjoyed a splendid tour of the city and its most charming attractions… and a romantic gondola ride!

Dreaming of a romantic elopement in Venice? Let us know your wishes, we look forward to making your dreams come true!

A romantic wedding on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Green, nature, simple, among the tree and the whispering of the water nearby… this was their dream wedding in Italy and what a perfect location this beautiful villa on Lake Maggiore to accomplish Emily and Alex’s dream? The outdoor ceremony was so elegant in the simplicity of an arch made of natural branches and soft pale flowers? Baskets of seasonal country flowers together with candles, lanterns and petals made the final touches for such an exquisite and delicate theme wedding in Italy.

The Lake district is such an exclusive Italian destination and Lake Maggiore is among the lakes the location where extraordinary villas meet a very natural setting often surrounded by woods.


There are several venues for a wedding as charming as Alex and Emily’s, see some here:

Feel free to contact us with your own plans. Click to the request form!

Light blue summer wedding in Tuscany

A light blue summer outdoor event for Kim & Edoardo in the romantic Villa Corsini in the Tuscan countryside. We had the pleasure to organize incredible events in this special Mansion set in the outskirts of Florence and Kim&Edo’s wedding was absolutely one to remember for the stunning flower decorations. Kim & Edoardo live in USA and most of the 150 guests attending the event were coming from the States.

See more weddings in Tuscany and Florence and more planned in this charming villa. Contact us for more information and for your own wedding plans in an Italian villa!

Jessica & Bruno wedding on Lake Maggiore

The extraordinary Catholic wedding on the shores of Lake Maggiore of Jessica and Bruno was wonderfully filmed into this romantic “coming soon” trailer.  Such a gorgeous sunny day to enjoy the breathtaking views of this charming Italian lake perfectly framed from the romantic church on top of the mountain and the exclusive chosen villa for the wedding reception and party. Enjoy!

The wedding reception took place in one of our most loved villas around the Lake Maggiore (villa Muggia). Stay tuned at WeddingItaly and let us know your Italian wedding plans! xx

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