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Christophe and Jauffrey: a romantic and stylish “mariage de garçons”… lovely, elegant and marvelously chic!

Imagine: a splendid green landscape of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see in front of you… your beloved one at your side… a lovely Boehme yet elegant setting… Delicate and romantic, splendid and emotional: the marvelous same-sex wedding of this lovely French couple was just… perfectly romantic!

An elegantly set country chic mood, moving feelings, a heartfelt ceremony by the swimming pool, friends and family at their side… The beauty of a splendid Tuscan villa, Italian elegance and a bucolic atmosphere… Italian delicacies and happy smiles… this was what Christophe and Jauffrey dreamed for their lovely gay wedding… And to take with them a romantic, everlasting “souvenir” of their big day, the sensitive eye of the French photographer Sarah Dusart was just perfect!

As wedding planners, nothing makes us happier than helping true love “come true”… Let us know your vision and dreams: we look forward to helping you live the perfect wedding you have always dreamt of!

A fairytale wedding in a Castle… Linh and Brian: a romantic wedding in Tuscany

Elegance, beauty and romantic feeling… What better setting for a fairytale wedding than an actual castle? Classy atmospheres, charming setting, beautiful landscapes… Linh and Brian, a lovely American couple, couldn’t dream of a better setting for their big day in Tuscany!

Elegant and emotional, the ceremony was just perfect in the marvelous Loggia of the castle: this stylish and classy wedding was no short of cheerfulness and fun! A charming cocktail in the garden and terrace were the best way to celebrate the new wedded life of this splendid couple, followed by a marvelous sit down dinner with hand-made, typical Tuscan dishes… And after the cutting of the cake, the merry party was ready to dance the night away!

If getting married in a castle is your childhood dream just contact us! We will help you plan the big day of your dreams in all details!

Alexa and Anthony: an exclusive wedding near Florence

Imagine the elegance of a splendid castle… the solemnity and the deep feeling of an orthodox wedding ceremony… and the history and fascinating atmosphere of Florence

In love with Tuscany and Italy as a whole, this lovely couple chose to seal their love bond in this charming region, with the backdrop of soft rolling hills, and with centuries of history providing them with an unforgettable scenario for their dream wedding!

Romantic and impressive at the same time, the church of San Jacopo was a perfect setting for a very solemn and deep Greek-orthodox wedding: accompanied by the heavenly music of a string duo, the ceremony couldn’t be more moving and touching!

However, in order to create an unforgettable wedding there needs to be room for fun, luxury and entertainment as well… A marvelous castle in the Florentine hills provided the lovely Alexa and Anthony with a breathtaking reception for their reception and party… delicious food, elegant setting, Italian atmosphere… the perfect ingredients to “dance the night away” celebrating the newlyweds and their special bond! …and what better way to “end with a bang” than a spectacular firework show?

Have you always dreamt of a wedding that looks just like this? Do not hesitate… the wedding of your dreams is just a click away!

Luxury wedding in Villa di Maiano in Florence

A beautiful couple from Lebanon, Marguerite and Raja, chose Florence as spot for their wedding in Italy.

The ceremony was held in a very historic Church of Florence, famous for works by Giotto as well as Botticelli’ last resting place. The Church faces the Piazza Ognissanti, along the Arno River.

The reception took place at Villa di Maiano, a 14th century villa overlooking Florence, with a superb Italian garden, an unbelievable terrace with view and a fascinating facade.

A luxury white setting with chandeliers and lush flowers for the dinner followed by a fun party (with fireworks too!) until wee hours. All the guests from Lebanon loved the wedding party of Marguerite and Raja and so we did!

Enjoy the pictures and video of this gorgeous Lebanese wedding!


Wedding at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence

Could you imagine a lush garden in the heart of an historical city? Well, if not then we are here to help you. There is a beautiful Renaissance’s garden inside Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.

Maria and Mikhail chose it for their wedding ceremony in Florence. An intimate ceremony celebrated on a mild afternoon of late April. Flowers were blooming everywhere you looked and everybody enjoyed the smells and colours of spring.

Brides’ bouquet was made with lily of the valley and stephanotis. The pale pink, yellow and white flowers and candle arrangements on the long familiar table of the Conventino Ballroom were a tribute the beauty. A charming, luxury and fairytale wedding!

Pictures by Andrew Bayda

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