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Barbara and René: fun and romanticism in Friuli… a lovely Austrian wedding by the sea

Enjoy this charming wedding by the sea… Typical Italian flavor, the romantic and genuine feeling of the region Friuli, with a hint of Austrian atmosphere! After a romantic civil wedding ceremony in the lovely seaside town hall office “terrazza mare”, the lovely Styrian couple had a meaningful, very emotional symbolic ceremony on the beach… flowers and torches… sea and flowers… could you dream of anything more romantic?

After the romantic mood of both wedding ceremonies, Barbara and René were ready to enjoy an amusing party and reception in lovely restaurant by the sea with all their friends, with photo booth for the guests to wish their best to the newlywed couple in a fun and enjoyable way!

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A romantic Austrian wedding in Italy: a lovely castle in Friuli

Discover the magic region Friuli… soft rolling hills, the splendid Adriatic sea and the majestic Alps all in closest proximity to one another… a romantic and lovely atmosphere without giving up on high quality tourist services…

Nadine and Mathias, a lovely Austro-German couple from Vienna couldn’t dream of a better place for their romantic wedding in Italy! The catholic ceremony was just splendid in this typical historical church of Friuli, accompanied by the notes of a great friend of the groom, an actual polymath that sung and played heavenly melodies on the pipe organ… And after a charming photographic tour in the lovely nearby city of Udine, Nadine and Mathias held their wedding reception in a marvelous castle… Even as the rain fell down throughout the day, the romantic feeling of the historical indoors halls was such, that the setting and mood for the wedding were just perfect!

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Romantic, true and genuine: a protestant wedding in the hills of Friuli

Close your eyes and imagine the purest green countryside… a perfection of soft rolling hills, vineyards and romantic landscapes… This lovely couple from Texas couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate their romantic protestant wedding, than the “undiscovered” region of Friuli and its lovely winegrowing Collio region!

An intimate, heartwarming ceremony with their closest friends and family, in the bucolic farmhouse of La Subida… letters and feelings… pictures and memories… for a wedding dedicated to love and simplicity, where bride and groom could easily… take a lovely walk in the green to reach their wedding location! The emotion at the wedding of Valeria and Zachwas beyond measure, as shown and immortalized in the romantic photos of the skilled and sensitive photographer Mayda Mason!

And what better way to finish this unforgettable day, than with a tasteful winery tour?
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