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Romanticism, history and elegance in the Eternal City: a lovely American wedding in Rome

Impressive and majestic, the magnificent Eternal City “casts a spell” on its visitors… An actual work of art that looks as if frozen in time, Rome is everything you could ever dream of… elegant, historical, buzzing yet romantic, ancient and modern… The breathtaking capital of Italy is striking, surprising, beautiful… in other words? The perfect setting for an impeccable Italian wedding!

Crystal and Cuan, a splendid American couple wanted their big day in Italy to be just perfect… Romantic, elegant, typical Italian, full of history and beauty… And they couldn’t think of a better destination than the marvelous Eternal City! Imposing and evocative, there are few civil wedding halls as charming and awe-inspiring as the splendid of Campidoglio… and Crystal and Cuan enjoyed it to the fullest! A stroll in the shades of marvelous historical buildings, romance in the historical sites of Rome and a lovely visit to the most impressive museums of the city… and, after an amusing ride on rickshaw through the streets and alleys of Rome, the lovely wedding party reached their splendid wedding villa to celebrate the newlyweds!

Elegant, special, unforgettable… a wedding in Rome can be this all and much more: click here and let’s start making your dreams come true!

An American wedding in a private Villa in Rome

An outdoor ceremony on an early November weekend in Tivoli near Rome: the perfect wedding day of Charissa and Jason. The outdoor houppa was decored with green ivy and white roses and a light delicate white curtain softly tied.

The private villa offers and extraordinary view from the top of this famous town in the “Castelli Romani” area at only forty minutes from the centre of Rome. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom left all guests to enjoy a selection of great wines and spent a few hours taking pictures in the most romantic sightseeing spots of the Italian Capital. A perfect extraordinary Italian wedding in Rome for an intimate group looking for a demanding high-end service.

Enjoy more villas for weddings in Rome and let us know your wedding plans. Since the far 1999, we have beeing planning intimate destination weddings in Rome, as Charissa and Jasons’, and large events up to 400 guests such as this incredible venue.

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Rome weddings following the Oscar prized “La Grande Bellezza”

Rome weddings following the Oscar prized “La Grande Bellezza”


Proudly Italy has won the 2014 Oscar as best foreigner film with “La Grande Bellezza” of Paolo Sorrentino. Completely filmed in Rome, this movie offers some of the most incredible views of this extraordinary city.

Most of the locations on the film are actual wedding venues where we do often plan weddings in Rome.

Some really beautiful palaces have been chosen by Sorrentino for some of the most allegorical and intimate moments. Here those we usually suggest to our couples wishing an exclusive Rome wedding:

> Baroque palace (the scenes with the “plastic surgeon”), at this link a wedding planned in the same rooms

> The Noble palace near Piazza Navona with the scene with the sad failed princess walking in the night after the dinner with the “Saint” to visit her cradle.

> The Grand Exclusive palace with one of the most amazing reception rooms in Rome (the scene after the funeral with the mother sitting on top of the table).

These three palaces are some of the most charming wedding venues in the historical centre of Rome and it is not a case Sorrentino has chosen them for 3 very allegorical and intimate moments.

All the outdoor scenes were also filmed in other historical settings which we often use as perfect background for our weddings: the area of Forum Romani and Colisseum of course was the main background from the terrace in which Gep, the main character, organizes his parties. The actual terrace is a private palace, a very “wow” mansion which cannot be visited. It is possible to get married in a nearby terrace of a charming hotel such as the following link of symbolic weddings in Rome to enjoy the same view.

Other areas included in the film are the heritage park of Terme di Caracalla where you can organize a civil wedding in Rome. The “Colle del Gianicolo” is one of the most breathtaking hills at minutes from Rome where all the initial scenes took place. This is the perfect spot for a nice walk in the morning when the silence is just broken by the fountain and the whispering breeze.

And if you are planning a crazy celebration as Gep’s birthday, check this venue for such a party in Rome.

Rome is an extraordinary setting for an Oscar winning film. Rome is even more extraordinary for a wedding in Italy.

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Catholic wedding in Rome at the Vatican city

There are several locations for a Catholic wedding in Rome, but among the many, the Vatican is surely the most emotional and intense, especially for very religious couples.

The cradle of Christianity is the Vatican: the place where St. Peter’s apostle body was buried and lies, the place where everything Catholic is concentrated and the Pope celebrates twice a week his personal Mass.

Audrey and Thomas were dreaming of a Catholic wedding at the Vatican since when he proposed. Audrey was  also dreaming of a red themed wedding day! And so it happened both! The perfect and relaxed day for the bride and groom and their 25 geusts coming from France.

Visit our website to plan your wedding in Italy and contact us here with your own ideas! See more weddings surfing from  all featured weddings in Italy” summary page.

The perfect Catholic wedding in Rome

The eternal city has always been one of the favorites’ European wedding destinations: weddings in Rome have a  unique and special charm, a mix of history and modernity all framed by the warm embrace of the friendly people and the lucky climate conditions.

A Catholic ceremony is even more special being Rome the cradle of Christianity: there are so many churches one can choose from. Jisselle and Josh came all the way from Texas, USA, to crown their dream of a wedding in Rome and the picked one of the most stunning churches of the Capital: Ara Coeli.

The church itself is a masterpiece of the Italian architecture with such a bright and exclusive interior. It is often chosen by the Jet Set including some very famous football players and actors.

The wedding weekend for Jisselle and Josh was the chance to share their love with the closest family and best friends, 34 guests shared this incredible experience: walking with the bride and groom in the crowded streets of Rome, the views of the Colliseum and the other iconic Roman ruins and finally enjoying a special dinner on top of a luxury restaurants with views of the city. Jisselle’s shining smile fills us all with great joy! This is the perfect wedding in Rome.

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