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An elegant autumn wedding in Northern Italy

Picture to yourself the perfect fairytale wedding… an elegant castle with elegant frescoed halls… delicate pastel colors… an elegant garden conjuring up a marvelous bucolic atmosphere… and a refined atmosphere embellished by the delicate autumn lights… Could you imagine anything more romantic?

Jennifer and Stephen, a charming American couple, wanted their special day to be just like that… emotional yet elegant… gentle and sweet, with amazing halls and fairytale gardens… with everything lightened up by romantic candles… and Jennifer’s beautiful smile!

How does your dream wedding in Italy look like? An elegant day worthy of a fairytale? Click here and let’s start making your dreams come true!

Light reflections on Garda Lake: enjoy the lovely outdoor civil wedding of Anna and Thomas

Picture in your mind a majestic, fairytale castle perched over a crystal clear lake… a soft breeze caressing your hair, a marvelous natural setting all around you… Wouldn’t this just be a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding?

This lovely Austrian couple wanted their big day to be just like that: special, very romantic, elegant yet friendly… in a word? Unforgettable! Splendid and unique, the marvelous Scaligero Castle is an excellent setting for civil wedding ceremonies, which take place on an amazing terrace offering breathtaking views of the surrounding lake… Anna and Thomas wanted everything to be just perfect and lovely: that’s why their wedding rings were carried by their four-legged best friend! A romantic tour of the city of Malcesine, an amazing boat drive to the wedding location and… to end with a bang, fireworks!

What about getting married on the romantic Italian Lakes? The romantic Lake Garda, the elegant Lake Maggiore, the exclusive Lake Como could be the perfect setting for your big day: let us know your wishes and vision, click here and let’s start making your dreams come true!

An unforgettable Austrian wedding in Tuscany: from the elegant atmosphere of Vienna to soft rolling hills!

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect “Italian wedding”… bucolic yet elegant, utterly romantic and very, very special… A splendid view of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see… the fairytale atmosphere of a romantic castle as setting for a very special day… It goes without saying… a wedding in Tuscany is a guarantee for a super-romantic, very exclusive event!

Dominik and Clara, a lovely couple from the marvelous city of Vienna, couldn’t think of a better setting for their romantic wedding in Tuscany! A lovely, very moving outdoor ceremony and a splendid reception under the Tuscan sky! … elegance and romantic feeling with infinite views of romantic Tuscan countryside, is there anything lovelier for a very special wedding?

Let us know about your dreams for a perfect wedding: we look forward to helping you live your personal fairytale in Tuscany or everywhere in Italy! Stop dreaming the perfect wedding, live it now with our help!

Enchanting Friuli: the romantic castle wedding in Italy of Valentina and Pedro

Close your eyes and imagine a dream wedding, romantic and beautiful just as if come out of an actual fairytale… Surrounded by a marvelous setting of soft rolling hills, with the backdrop of an actual castle in the vineyards, Valentina and Pedro couldn’t ask for a better scenery for their big day in Italy….

Charming and dynamic, this beautiful Italian-Portuguese couple was very determined as far as the “leitmotif” for their wedding was concerned: it had to be that of travel and journey! Native of Friuli but living in Mozambique, Valentina and her beloved Pedro have always travelled greatly, and wanted therefore their wedding to convey a multicultural, “travelling” feeling!

In a warm and lovely late-August afternoon, their romantic big day took place: in the shade of a fabulous Italian castle, accompanied by the lovely melody of a soprano singer and a pianist their big day couldn’t be more moving or romantic! And after the ceremony, the splendid newly-wed couple welcomed their guests for a cocktail and dinner on the castle terrace… Romanticism was in the air that magic night: a lovely couple and their love story come true!

Looking for a similar setting for your wedding? Just contact us and we will come back to you with our suggestions and quotations!

Romance in Tuscany: splendid Catholic wedding and wedding party in a fairytale castle

Come and discover the charming fairytale of Judith and John: a splendid Irish couple, who journeyed from the splendid, emerald green countryside of Ireland to get married among the soft rolling hills of Tuscany!

In love with Italian culture and history, Judith and John decided to celebrate their catholic wedding in the splendid church of Ognissanti in Florence, no more than half an hour away from the most bucolic nature and idyllic landscapes! Romantic and meaningful, celebrating a catholic wedding in this magnificent 16th century old church really added to the feeling of their big day: romance, beauty and emotion was everywhere to be felt!

And after the ceremony was over, the whole wedding party traveled to the magnificent castle of Vincigliata: a true “queen” among the wedding locations in Tuscany! Judith and John decided to enjoy the beauty of Florence on their own a little bit longer, without giving up on everything that is “quintessentially Italian” (thus including an amazing and amusing ride on a vintage Fiat 500).

While enjoying their welcome cocktail in their fairytale castle, served by gloved waiters and embellished by the deepest elegance, a surprise awaited this lovely Irish party: to add to the flavor of a true Italian wedding, what better way than a skilled tenor?

Elegance, classics and culture do not necessarily exclude amusement and fun though! Looking for a dream “castle wedding” in Tuscany? Just contact us for further information! We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true!


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