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Tossing the bouquet: best way to preserve it after your Italian wedding

The bouquet is often one of the most beautiful memories and often brides bring it home after their Italian wedding.

But what if you want to toss your bouquet? Or will you really avoid to toss the bouquet as it is one of the nicest wedding traditions?

You don’t need to worry about this.

We can ask the florist to create a smaller “tossing bouquet “, similar to your bridal bouquet. The tossing bouquet can either be placed on the cake table as a decoration (tossing of the bouquet is usually scheduled after the cutting of the cake) or we can keep on the back side so no one will see the “trick”. This is an extra cost, but it is worth the memory of keeping the original bouquet!

Enjoy the following gallery with some recently designed bridal bouquets: every bride is different, every bouquet is different, every Italian wedding is different! Let us know which one you love the most and be inspired also from our Flower Design section.

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Walking down the isle: who, why and how!

One of the most magical and emotional moments of any wedding is when the bride walks the isle. Even if the tradition says that the bride is “given away” by her father, nowadays we see so many different options. Here a few thoughts about it!

Why tradition is as above? In ancient times, women were really protected by the family and especially fathers. So the passage, it was up to the man of the family to “give away” his daughter to the groom.

But what about other alternatives?

You brother, uncle, best male friend often give away the bride when dad is missing. Sometimes the bride loves to walk with her mum. It often so common, especially in alternative and modern weddings, the couple walks together, maybe arriving with a charming car. This very often happens on gay weddings in Italy and it is really lovely. And what about walking with all your best friends together and maybe dancing on your all favorite song? We saw this as well and it was so enjoyable.

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Having children at your Italian wedding

Destination weddings in Italy with or without children? A very common question: is it appropriate not to invite children?

Yes, it is. Especially if you are planning a very formal wedding in the evening.

How can we inform our guest without offending anyone?

The wedding etiquette invites the couple to send the invitation to each guest invited. If you are inviting a family, you should clearly address the invitation to “MR and MRS and family”. If you are not inviting children to your wedding, only address to “MR and MRS”.  If your friends enquire, let them know that as much as you love their children, this is an adult thing. Besides, your friends will have more fun without having to deal with their children.

Above the traditional wedding etiquette tough think that a destination wedding, especially in Italy, is often a chance for families to travel and enjoy a short break or holiday. This is somenthing you should consider when inviting families. We do suggest to invite the whole family with children as well and on the wedding day it is a very good idea to arrange a room with one or more babysitters so adults can enjoy the whole party while the babysitters will entertain children with games and films. You can also add a little note to your invitation saying that you’ll arrange a babysitter service during the wedding.

Children are also a lovely photo subject and many photographers really take lot of inspiration from their presence at a wedding. Enjoy a gallery from Love On Photography for example and see some nice pics taken on our weddings on the following gallery.

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The order of wedding processional in Italy

The right order of processional for your wedding in Italy.

There is no more a rule for the processional, so you are happy to customize it at your own pleasure depending your faith and culture.

Not sure? We usually suggest the following processional as it is the most elegant, classic and you will never mistake!

The officiant walks first followed by the groom, groom’s grandfathers, bride’s grandfathers, groom’s family and the mother of the groom usually accompanied by one of the usher, brother or close relative. The bride as tradition will walk with her father.

We suggest two different music for the processional: once for all the family and one for the bride.

The recessional is the same just reversing the order: bride and groom go first followed by best men and bridesmaids together and last the families.

Italian weddings are culturally very simple on processional: the groom waits at the altar, there are no bridesmaids or best men, two or four witnesses wait on the side of the groom, sometimes there is a flower girl and the bride walks the isle with her father.

Best Man tips for making a perfect speech

Sometimes this is the hardest time for the best man. So many times we see how nervous the best man is before his speech.

The first thing we usually say is that “anything you say will be fine. You don’t have to be funny or extremely charming, if this is not your personality.” Keeping between your own personality! Don’t try to be anyone else!

Introduce yourself and greet the bride first and the groom after. Say something simple and nice about the wedding day: the ceremony, the setting, the venue.

Look at the bride saying how gorgeous she is. Thank the groom for being such a good friend (you won’t be the best man otherwise!!)

Tell a story if you have one, but be respectful (no past girlfriend allowed!). You don’t have to be funny, it might be a gentle and romantic moment or something he did for you as a great friend can only do!

Thanks all guests for attending and end offering the couple your best wishes.

You don’t have to keep it too long, 3 to 5 minutes is really enough! Good luck!


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