All featured weddings in Italy

Reach all our real weddings in Italy featured on this blog, all listed in cronological order with a quick note on the location, the type of ceremony, the venue, the size and the nationality. Maybe you can find some ideas and options in some of these galleries for your own Italian wedding. Many more galleries and real weddings can also be found on our website.

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Fairytale wedding in Florence: the unforgettable feeling of a magical castle







A special wedding in Puglia: romantic feeling, sea and nature







Unbelievably romantic: a lovely wedding in Tuscany







A romantic Brazilian wedding in Assisi, Umbria

Unforgettable wedding with seaview in Positano







Romantic wedding in Tuscany for a lovely Austrian couple: bellissimo!







A romantic Austrian wedding on the beach







A special Austrian wedding in Friuli: a fairytale castle among soft rolling hills






An exclusive island for a special wedding on Lake Garda








Stunning fireworks for a very special wedding in Tuscany!







Marvelous Lake Como… a Scottish wedding in Italy

castle-wedding-tuscany-34 Breathtaking castle wedding in Tuscany







Elegance and beauty in Venice







Romantic outdoor wedding in Tuscany







Stylish wedding in a castle near Florence







Splendid catholic wedding in Bellagio, Lake Como

castle-wedding-friuli-64 A fairytale castle wedding in Friuli







Enjoy the video of this exclusive and cheerful wedding in Florence

jrlau-1748 An unforgettable elopment in Italy: the wonderful catholic wedding of Lauren and Jonathon







Romantic protestant wedding in the winehills of Friuli







Luxury wedding on Lake Como: live the romantic dream of Barbara and Ken!







A charming wedding in Puglia, between sea, nature and villas







Romantic wedding in Lucca: live an actual fairytale!







Luxury wedding near Florence







Fairytale elegant wedding on Lake Maggiore







Lovely countryside wedding in Certaldo







Exclusive Jewish wedding in Apulia







Stylish wedding in a classy hotel in Florence







Fantastic wedding in Portovenere: beautiful seaviews and exclusive atmosphere







A dream wedding in a castle: enjoy the beauty of Friuli







A romantic sunset wedding in Tuscany: enjoy the beautiful Chianti region







A fairytale castle with seaviews for a romantic Jewish wedding in Friuli







Stunning castle wedding in Tuscany

Splendid wedding on the Amalfi Coast







A trendy wedding in a marvelous castle near Florence Enjoy the video of a romantic wedding villa in Friuli

Exclusive wedding on Lake Como







Romantic countryside wedding in Montepulciano







Lovely intimate wedding in San Gimignano







Lovely villa wedding in Tuscany







A splendid Jewish wedding on Lake Maggiore

An exclusive American wedding in Rome

A romantic Italian wedding in Tuscany

A marvelous wedding on Lake Maggiore







A romantic wedding in a castle: enjoy the romance and poetry of the countryside of Friuli

J & B-1205






Enjoy the video of this splendid wedding on Lake Maggiore







A romantic wedding on Lake Como







A lovely catholic wedding in Florence







A romantic civil wedding on the beach near Venice







A cheerful and sunny wedding in Tuscany: Sabine and Lucas!

wedding apulia italy






A romantic wedding in Apulia: Chloé and Lambert… enjoy the video!

  A stylish and charming civil wedding in Lucca:







Indian wedding in Tuscany: enjoy this marvelous video!


wedding-in-monteriggioni-tuscany_023 Catholic wedding in Monteriggioni, Tuscany. About 60 guests from Italy, Japan and UK

vincigliata_tuscany_castle_028 Protestant outdoor blessing in a Castle. 55 guests from USA

positano_catholic_wedding_001 Catholic wedding in Positano. Romantic eloping on Valentine’s day from Japan:

tuscany_wedding_villa_corsini_italy_048Outdoor symbolic ceremony in a villa in Tuscany, Italy. About 100 guests from UK and US.

intimate_family_wedding_lake_garda__097Outdoor symbolic wedding on Lake Garda, Italy. Private island and villa. 15 guests from Germany.

wedding_sorrento_villa_italy_042Outdoor wedding ceremony in Sorrento, Italy. Private villa overlooking the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Naples Bay. About 80 guests from UK

romantic_wedding_in_tuscany_in_private_villa_037Outdoor symbolic ceremony in Tuscany, private villa in the countryside, 20 guests from Russia

catholic_wedding_rome_vatican_018 Catholic wedding at the Vatican in Rome, 25 guests from France.

weddings_in_tuscany_castle_florence_025 Wedding ceremony and reception in Florence at the Castello di Vincigliata, 130 guests from Australia and UK.

wedding_in_tuscany_villa_corsini_017 Autumn wedding in Tuscany, symbolic ceremony in Villa Corsini, 70 guests from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

catholic_wedding_in_rome_italy_032 Catholic wedding in Rome, Catholic wedding ceremony, reception on a terrace overlooking the City, 34 guests from USA

Weddings in Sicily, TaorminaCelebrity wedding in Taormina, Sicily, Catholic wedding, luxury reception in a 5* venue, 55 guests from Japan, USA, Singapore and Europe

tuscany_countryside_italian_wedding_susyelucio_024Wedding in Tuscany, catholic wedding, outdoor reception in exclusive farmhouse with 35 guests from Switzerland and Italy 

wedding_sorrento_positano_amalfi_coast_italy_2013_046Wedding in Sorrento and Positano, civil wedding, in an exclusive villa in Positano with 25 guests from Russia

todi_weddings_umbria_italy_046Wedding in Todi, Umbria, civil wedding, in a charming famhouse with 55 guests from England

wedding_bellosguardo_florence_tuscany_028Wedding in Florence, Tuscany, symbolic ceremony, in the charming villa di Bellosguardo with 90 guests from Germany

weddings-meleto-castle-tuscany_042Wedding in Tuscany, Catholic ceremony, in a charming medieval Castle with about 80 guests mainly from UK

Wedding in Venice, Catholic ceremony, and the island of Torcello with about 40 guests from USA

jewish_wedding_italy_tuscany_alexia_steven_july2013_050Wedding in Tuscany, Jewish ceremony, with about 200 guests from Belgium, Honk Kong and Europe

castello_vincigliata_weddingitaly.com_anastasia_benoit074Wedding in Fiesole, protestant ceremony, with about 150 guests, from Dubai, France, England and Russia

villa_grabau_lucca_tuscany_wedding_italy_045Wedding in Tuscany, civil outdoor ceremony, with about 70 guests from England

wedding-san-gimignano-tuscany-italy_024Wedding in Tuscany, outdoor protestant, with about 60 guests from Germany

Villa-di-ulignano-russian-wedding-italy_023Wedding in Tuscany, outdoor symbolic, with about 50 guests from Russia

indian_wedding_in_tuscany_weddingitaly_011Wedding in Tuscany, civil and Indian wedding,  with about 110 guests from England and India

wedding in sicily weddingitaly.com032Wedding in Sicily, Catholic ceremony, with about 70 guests from UK

weddings in friuli venezia giulia, weddingitaly.com_027Wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia, civil ceremony, with about 50 guests from Canada

Lake como weddings, weddingitaly.com_017Wedding on the Lake Como, protestant outdoor ceremony, with about 100 guests from France

wedding florence castle italy_031Wedding in Florence, religious outdoor Catholic blessing, with about 150 guests from Brasil

castle wedding rome italy_023Rana and Talal. Wedding in Rome, Muslim celebration, with about 50 guests from the Emirates

wedding in villa di maiano fiesole florence_041 Marrisa and David. Wedding in Florence, Catholic ceremony, with about 120 guests from UK

Sursok Tammin Italy florence wedding_034Tammin and Sean. Celebrity wedding in Florence, protestant ceremony, with about 40 guests fom USA and Australia

luxury villa wedding amalfi coast_019 Karen and Matt. Luxury wedding in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, symbolic ceremony, about 30 guests from USA. Read more:

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