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Alberto is the founder of WeddingItaly. This is the story: “1999 was the year everything get started. I was at the airport waiting for my father back from a trip to the US, and I notived the numerous couples. I said “I should plan honeymoons in Italy”. A few months later, myself and a friend of min,  built the first website which should have been devoted to honeymoons and weddings in Italy. The first wedding was not late to come in Venice for Louise and Robert. It was a succesful event which was almost immediately followed by other weddings in Florence, Siena, Venice again, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rome and Positano.

As there was no experience at all, nor testimonials of past weddings, the only reference was made by an American family friend, a lady who now is in her 80s, who lives minutes away from my family house in Italy. She prepared a letter for me explaining how “Alberto is a good young man… I know his family for the last 30 years… etc etc etc.” She was so important in the first stages of WeddingItaly.com and I will always thank Laila Benvenuti and the whole Benvenuti family in S. Francisco! Now, we can count on twenty years of Testimonials and References of our weddings in Italy.

Experience came along: in 2001 we planned about 50 weddings and WeddingItaly started to be known in the main Italian venues, town halls and churches.

2001 - Alberto with Mike and VirginiaThe very first important events were scheduled in Summer and Autumn 2001. I will never forget the wedding of Mark and Virginia Martino of the 12th of September 2001. On the the tragic day of the 11/11 I was with them enjoying a sunny day visiting this beautiful city of Trieste, when we heard about the twin towers and we didn’t know yet what happened.

The day after, everyone had a very intimate and enjoyable wedding which was also reported and featured in Nevada Woman magazine of the same year. On the side a picture with me, Mike and Virginia, the day after their wedding at the Castello in the vineyards in Friuli Venezia Giulia

NevadaWoman features Wedding Italy

Here the article I mentioned above and you can read the full story on our press section.

After 2001 WeddingItaly becomes a reality and a well known team of wedding planners: we gained experience, exceptional references and great testimonials and most importantly we start gaining the trust of some of the best wedding venues in Italy which helped to gain the trust of some of the most important worldwide magazines.

2002 was the year we were intervied by TIME  Magazine and two pictures where selected and added on the magazine: we have the great pride to be called as the first wedding planners to be interviewedThe very good references they collected were the reason TIME called our office,  you can imagine how I literraly “jumped” from my seat when I heard “Time on the phone”.


Other articles, featured weddings, interviews on magazines and TV followed from 2002 to nowadays.

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In June 2006 we have been hired to plan an extraordinary and luxury vip wedding in Venice with a millionaire budget. We had the pride to arrange, among security agents and guards, a golf tournment, various activities and the fantastic wedding day at the Grand Hotel Des Bains, Venice Lido, as a homage to the masters of the cinema, just before this unique venue would have been closed, restored and sadly changed into luxury apartments to rent.

We have the honour to have arranged some VIP, sport stars, F1 champions and celebrity weddings in Italy in the most beautiful villas, castles or luxury hotels.  You can enjoy some reviews surfing our blog (i.e. Tammin Sursok wedding) or our website.

Our experience has now grown in almost 2500 weddings (updated April 2019) planned since 1999 for spouses coming from all over the world, with so many different cultures (American, British, Eastern Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, African, South Americans, Brazilian) and so many different wedding traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Armenians, Jewish weddings, Indian weddings, Chinese and Japanese wedding traditions).

We learnt everything day after day and after all these years we are probably among the most experiences wedding planners in Italy and Europe.

Our work attitude allows us to create a very personal relationship with our couples and today we have the full confidence to plan every size, type and personal wedding in Italy. We have been planning with enthusiasm small elopings as well luxury events, family weddings in private villas or celebrity weddings in some of the most Italian luxurious venues, large guest events in castles or Italian wedding resorts.

Your Italian wedding plans

Some of the weddings we planned have been featured on several magazines and we have been interviewed as PROS and top-notch wedding planners for several magazines and tvs.



We are totally focused on your own wedding Vision.

Your Italian wedding plans

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