Wedding inspiration: how to fine tune the details and choose special ideas to make your day unique

Gathering ideas and inspiration for your special day is the funniest part of the whole planning
process: very creative and free, this is the moment when you can let your imagination run free and
lay the foundations to a satisfactory wedding planning.

Getting inspiration for your wedding is important at every stage of the organization and helps you
add that extra special touch to incorporate in your wedding in Italy.
Nothing better than drawing inspiration from real weddings and actual decorations: this guarantees
you will concentrate on ideas that look good in picture but also feel good during the day and on
inspirations that are amazing as well as feasible.

The assistance of a professional wedding planner makes sure you benefit from an
invaluable added value: the experience and know-how of our team, that help us meet ideas and
inspirations with practical suggestions, budget information and, when needed, feasible alternatives
to respect your wedding vision.

Each wedding is a unique, matchless event, and the most successful and unforgettable events are
those telling something of the couple and their love. In most cases, you won’t stick to one single
theme, and create a well-rounded vibe with romantic, care-free and elegant touches that merge
perfectly with one another.

To help you make the most of this amazing Italian wedding experience, we have gathered some
special ideas from our best events.

Inspiration to boost a romantic feeling

Romanticism is the key element of a successful and unforgettable wedding. And yet, we all have
our own idea of what romantic is: it is something that makes your heart beat and gives you emotion,
so there are really countless different ideas to permeate your wedding decorations and setting up
with romance.

Pastel-toned floral decoration, candles and soft lighting is no doubt the perfect way to create an
unforgettable romantic feeling to your wedding in Italy. And of course, the right wedding
location goes a long way to create the right feeling of the day.


Harmony is the queen of this fabulous setting up: the gorgeous façade with climbers sets the perfect
scenery to a romantic outdoor wedding dinner full of romance and love under light strings and the
stars of Tuscany.

Color patterns are the simplest and most effective way to create a balanced and consistent feeling
that accompanies all moments of your wedding in Italy.

An all-white decoration is perfect to create a bright and neat atmosphere, and adding some light-
colored flowers (and how to say no to pink!) helps adding depth to the whole.

Playing with colors is an opposite view but no less valid: following your heart it’s always a
worthwhile choice and the perfect way to make sure your special day is unique and special.

Colorful glasses and classy wedding gift packages enlivens the whole setting up in perfect harmony
with the rich, vivid floral decoration.
The right wedding location in Italy adds to the beauty and feeling of the day, offering
romantic corners that can be enhanced and beautify to create an unforgettable setting.


Decoration and setting up simply fall in naturally with the natural setting of this venue: these are the
winning ideas that create unforgettable moments and amazing vibe that your guests will remember

This is truly proof that choosing the right wedding location is one of the most crucial elements to
the wedding planning: that’s why scouting is cornerstone and basis of our wedding planning service. The first and most important step? Talking about your wedding vision and
ideas on video chat is the best way to begin the search of your ideal wedding destination in Italy!

A romantic atmosphere is created both with few simple details and the intimate feel of friendship
and countryside views…

…or with massive luxury setting up rich in details. It all depends of your style and personality. What
makes you feel good and happy is always the right choice!

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Rustic-chic ideas

There is hardly something more poetical and romantic than a gorgeous countryside setting.
Worldwide renowned for the enchanting hills of Tuscany, there are so many destinations we simply
love for a countryside wedding in Italy.

From the romantic landscapes in the region of Venice and Verona, to the unique settings of Friuli on the border with Slovenia and Austria, from the relaxed views of Umbria to the unexpected bucolic
areas next to Rome, from the celebrated romance of Tuscany, to the unique Mediterranean
countryside of Puglia, we love the secret corners and unique feeling of our land.

Wood and simple lines are the best way to immediately convey a bucolic feeling to your guests,
though country and rustic need not exclude a little refinement and elegance.


What truly makes the difference to an event are moments and feelings: ideas and inspirations for
this are many, but our favorite is the show cooking moment.
A show cooking is entertaining, beautiful to see, can be highly decorative and provides your guests
with an immediate feeling of Italy.

Food, family and slow living are part of what makes Italy special: guests usually enjoy the show
(and the food!) and this is the best way to create memorable pictures to remember forever.

Chic and elegant make your wedding unique

For your special day, it is important that you pamper yourself and indulge in some luxuries: this can
be provided with little scattered details or a more consistent theme.
Some Italian wedding locations simply ooze luxury, and rich floral decoration
are the winning choice for a very elegant and classy event.

Little details and small decorations can make the difference as well, and help create a delicate classy
vibe to permeate your special day.

The captivating vibe of a Mediterranean atmosphere

There are many reasons to love Italy: art, history and sea are among the most beloved, and the
Mediterranean areas simply has it all!
There is such a special feeling to Southern Italy, the sun, the sea, the scents of olive and citrus trees:
this is the Italy we love!

Unique locations are what make this Italian wedding destinations truly
unforgettable: there is nothing just as amazing as the splendid Masseria in Puglia. Large, massive
and unique, these fabulous venues are perfect to arrange a real Italian party with its unique
convivial atmosphere.

Little details can truly boost the vibe of a wedding, and whereas flowers are truly queens of a
wedding, alternative decoration ideas are simply perfect to add a unique feeling to your special day.
Fruit is an amazing alternative or simply a charming plus to make wedding decoration truly special.

Chill out in style

A wedding in Italy is the occasion to enjoy Italian style at its best, a gorgeous mixture of
slow living with an unmissable touch of style and charm.
It is the careful choice of details that makes the difference and create a matchless vibe and feeling of
Italy and some items are ideally suited to conjure up different atmospheres.

Stylish wicker chairs
are just perfect to create a carefree chill-out corner with a classy twist, or an elegant outdoor lounge
area offering a luxury feeling.

Italian conviviality is best served with a stylish twist, enjoying a lovely aperitivo in elegant settings with fabulous views.

And to make sure the wow-effect is granted, architectural lighting is the
perfect way to highlight beautiful corners in the most gorgeous locations.

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