Elegant villa for a same-sex wedding in Friuli

Just imagine… a fabulous scenery of emerald green soft rolling hills stretching as far as the eye can see… a stylish historical villa in the countryside of Northern Italy… elegance, beauty and romance conjuring up the most beautiful day ever… You will just be amazed at how romantic and special this fabulous same sex-wedding was!

Splendid floral decoration, chic atmosphere and all the love that your nearest and dearest can give, are the special ingredients to make a special day just so unforgettable… The ceremony was just so romantic and moving, and the wedding villa was just something straight out of a fairytale! Angelo and Vassilis couldn’t have wished of a better setting for their own “happily ever after”!

Elegance and beauty, excellent wine and magnificent scenery… there are no limits to love and we can’t wait to hear your ideas of your dream wedding in Italy… get ready to enjoy a lifestyle event like no other – the wedding of your dreams is just a simple click away!

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