Awesome wedding in the stunning Positano… the story of Tanya and Paul

Dazzling and sensational, the beautiful city of Positano is a jaw-dropping destination for a life-changing wedding like no other! Friendly feeling, beautiful landscapes and stunning sea views – wouldn’t it just be a dream come true to get married here?

A fabulous church set against a splendid maritime landscape… a stunning restaurant for an unforgettable reception… Tanya and Paul wanted their special day to be just like that… splendid, romantic and surrounded by the warm seaside feeling… the perfect choice for a memorable wedding in Positano!

Dreaming of a wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Elegance, stunning landscapes and romance await you for your special wedding in Italy! Get ready to enjoy a lifetime wedding experience like no other! Just click here and contact us to discover all possibilities for your wedding in Italy!


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