Ayllana and Rafael a romantic catholic wedding in Rome

A lovely 16th century church in the Vatican City… the special feeling of a marvelous catholic wedding… the fabulous atmosphere of the splendid city of Rome and the stunning appeal of a special destination wedding… wouldn’t this just sound like an actual dream come true?

This lovely Brazilian wedding couldn’t dream of a better setting for their special day… Ayllana and Rafael wanted their lovely wedding to be utterly romantic, special and full of love… the fabulous atmosphere of the splendid Sant’Anna Church could not be more perfect to this lovely ceremony… and the fabulous city of Rome is just so unforgettable and unique… stunning architectural and historical masterpieces around every corner… in Rome there is simply so much to discover and enjoy! A romantic restaurant with views… a special stroll in the shade of Ancient Roman sites and buildings… and a lovely small wedding cake as cherry on the top! Truly unforgettable!

Looking for a special wedding in Italy with a lovely feeling and marvelous landscapes? Just click here and let’s start making your dreams come true!

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