A fairytale wedding… under the Tuscan sun!

Are you ready to fulfil the most romantic dreams of your life? Right out of a fairytale, this splendid 15th castle has what it takes to live the most fabulous and outstanding “happily ever after” you could ever dream of… elegance, beauty and breathtaking views on the stunning Colli Fiorentini… within just an hour drive from Florence and its airport… Simply perfect!

And this magnificent castle in the Florentine Hills was just the perfect choice to live out a lifelong wedding dream! This lovely German-British couple couldn’t have dreamed of a better setting for their special day… historical flair, elegant atmosphere and fabulous decorations… what better way to celebrate your love, than sharing a romantic symbolic ceremony with your beloved ones? Stunning views, fairytale atmosphere… and so much love!

Scroll further and get inspired by this splendid wedding in a Tuscan castle… dreaming of a fairytale wedding in an Italian castle? Just click here and let’s start fulfilling your dreams!



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