A fairytale castle for a cheerful outdoor wedding!

Imagine a lovely fairytale, where everything is cheerful and drenched in sun… lovely scents of flowers and fresh fruit… a splendid castle, to live a romantic fairytale in the flesh… wouldn’t this just look like an actual dream come true?

This cheerful Brazilian-Italian couple couldn’t dream of a better setting for their special day… elegant… romantic… and just so full of happiness and bliss! A romantic symbolic ceremony with panoramic views on the soft rolling hills of the Chianti region… so special and moving, and yet carefree and happy… the outdoor reception under stars and fairylights was just so lovely… and how to resist the utter tastiness of typical Italian gelato? Sun, castles and much, much love! Enjoy the happy fairytale of Bruna and Adriano!

Looking for the right setting for your “Happily Ever After” – happiness is just a simple click away!



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