Warm and friendly… with the loveliest countryside views in closest proximity to the most beautiful seaside areas… That’s the extent to how utterly beautiful a wedding in Puglia could be! A romantic, fairytale setting gets its special feeling enhanced by the most welcoming and warm atmosphere that you will find in Puglia: splendid Masserias and lovely beaches, fragrant olive gardens and luxury swimming pool… all this and much more blends together, giving shape to a true dream!

Anouska and Freddie wanted their big day to be just like that: stylish yet carefree, simple yet very romantic, with a great attention to detail… the special catholic ceremony in a splendid church, to the notes of splendid organ music played by Freddie’s uncle… sharing this special day with their nearest and dearest, was so moving and unforgettable! And after such a heartfelt ceremony, could there be something more special, than making the best of a special Masseria set in the splendid landscape of Puglia? Why not making your grand entrance in a beautiful vintage Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider?

To the notes of a local folk band, under splendid fairy-lights hanging from majestic olive trees, the dinner was just perfect: and after a delicious cutting of the cake moment, Anouska and Freddie were just ready to dance their night away!

Looking for a special wedding location for your big day in Italy? Ask us more about celebrating a special ceremony in Puglia!

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