Love, elegance and beauty on the splendid Italian Riviera: the romantic fairytale of Helen and Pierre-Maurice

The enchanting music of waves, crashing softly onto the shore… a splendid maritime setting stretching out as far as the eye can see… Elegant venues, fairytale locations, fabulous historical buildings… Classy and elegant without giving up on the beautiful maritime atmosphere, the Italian Riviera is a splendid setting for a matchless wedding in Italy!

Impressive, romantic and remarkably beautiful, the feeling of the lovely town Zoagli is just perfect for an unforgettable catholic wedding. Accompanied by the heavenly melody of an organist and soprano, the lovely French couple enjoyed their splendid catholic ceremony at its best… Heartfelt and beautiful, Helen and Pierre-Maurice couldn’t dream of a better setting for their big day… Just like in a fairytale, a marvelous castle served as setting for the celebrations of this romantic wedding! A lovely cocktail with views on the sea, friends and family at your side and an elegant setting for the wedding dinner… Could you think of anything more romantic?

Dreaming of a wedding in Italy? Would you like to benefit from the classy atmosphere of the lovely Italian Riviera for your big day? Just click here and let us know your wishes and desires: we look forward to helping you give shape to your dreams!

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