Enjoy the matchless atmosphere of a romantic winter wedding in Venice

Close your eyes and imagine… marvelous plays of light reflecting on the splendid canals of Venice… a matchless, marvelously romantic atmosphere and a fabulous historical setting… Few other cities offer an atmosphere so special and romantic as Venice does… and the splendid “Queen of the Adriatic” give its best in every season and every light!

Looking for something special and unforgettable Andrea and Andres, a lovely Colombian couple, decided to celebrate their big day in winter, with a splendid catholic ceremony in the fascinating crypt of the St. Mark Basilica… after a heartfelt ceremony and much emotion, the splendid couple enjoyed a marvelous gondola ride accompanied by the romantic and elegant winter sunlight… Matchlessly beautiful! The perfect end to such a romantic day? A splendid luncheon with view on the Grand Canal!

What kind of wedding is your dream wedding? If you are looking for a fairytale atmosphere, a charming historical setting and elegance, the marvelous city of Venice might just be the perfect choice! Contact us for more information!

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