Leyla and Markus: a lovely wedding in the Tuscan vineyards!

Enjoy the romantic modern fairytale of this lovely Russian-Austrian couple… who met and fell in love on the workplace! From the green, breathtaking lands of Ireland, where they both live, they traveled all the way to Italy, to get married among the soft rolling hills of the splendid Chianti winegrowing area!

There, on the grounds of a splendid farmhouse with breathtaking views, their romantic symbolic ceremony took place, surrounded by the purest green and by the loveliest atmosphere… the evocative background music of a violin and cello… splendid flowers and magnificent views…

Everything would have been just as they wanted it to be… bucolic, natural and simple, and yet elegant and chic… if not for a rainy weather, that accompanied them throughout the day! Nevertheless, Leyla and Markus’s sunny mood and the splendid Tuscan setting can work wonders and the happy couple enjoyed their day at its best, from the romantic feeling of the wedding to the carefree atmosphere of the wedding party!

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