Sabrina and Bjorn beach wedding in Italy

Walking barefoot on the sand on a summer day in Italy, this was Sabrina and Bjorn dream of a beach wedding in Italy. June 5th was the chosen wedding date and, even in a weekday the ceremony took place with people sunbathing as from Sabrina’s dream of a very casual and open wedding!

The wedding ceremony was followed by a more intimate reception in a private venue, always on the beach in a secluted resort where the small and intimate group of friends could enjoy a lovely typical Italian “al fresco” dinner. A very succesful small intimate wedding in Italy for a couple with a very clear vision that we did really enjoy!

 Beach weddings in Italy are not very common as usually beaches are very crowded and also the local administrations do not allow a civil wedding to take place on a beach. There are a few venues tough from North to South Italy and we are happy to help you with your own Italianbeach wedding dream. Let us know your details and ideas (it takes only 2 minutes to fill the form).

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