Villa Locatelli, Tenuta di Angoris, Cormons

An Italian villa famous as chosen by Vittorio De Sica and Alberto Sordi for “Addio alle armi” film. It is a charming and very special wedding venue in the Italian hills of the Collio at 1 hour from Venice, near Trieste and Udine in one of the most unique Italian regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Locatelli family ownes one of the most renowned vineyards in north Italy: Angoris. The villa is just in the heart of their property.

There are no limits for a long night party and this venue is highly suggested for those couples seeking a historical and full of emotion classical Italian villa, an unique location where you can be the first ones ever to get married on its grounds. Destination weddings in Italy are welcome in this venue for those who love a real historical setting, full of charme and immerse in a Italian region which is not as touristy as other more known regions.

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