The celebrity wedding of Tammin Sursok and Sean McEwen in Florence

“It was the most magical, breathtaking, incredible and wonderful day of my life. People always told me that at your wedding, a lot of the time you don’t really get to speak to people and enjoy yourself. But I got to spend magical moments with every person there.” This is how Tammin Sursok described her wedding day in an interview for “Woman’s Day Magazine“.

The wedding of Sean and Tammin Sursok on August 2011 in Florence was a very special occasion for Tina and Alberto to meet a genuine true loving couple and a gentle and sweet Holliwood star. Tammin and Sean wedding ceremony was celebrated in the beautiful Cathedral of St James in the heart of Florence, a church loved by other VIP in the past, i.e. David Bowie wedding in the 90s.

The photo session in the historical centre of Florence was performed by one of the best worldwide weddings photographers, Carlo Carletti. While walking in Florence, Tammin was often recognized and very gently she posed with some fans for a memory picture!

While Alberto was coordinating the photo session with Sean, Tammin and the bridal party, Tina was welcoming all guests in one of the most  exclusive venues in Florence, Villa La Vedetta. The terrace was ready for dinner: golden colors and white flowers where the perfect match to the incredible landscape. Tina designed the whole wedding athmosphere, following Tammin vision and her bridesmaid and best friend Sarah who helped with many details.

The wedding reception was very emotional as many guests had their speeches and between tears and laughs, the party started immediately after the cut of the amazing cake with a great DJ playing Tammin and Sean favorites music!

We are very proud we have been chosen as wedding planners for Tammin’s wedding. Keep in touch and let us know your comments! Visit our website to plan your wedding in Italy and contact us here with your own ideas! See more weddings surfing from  all featured weddings in Italy” summary page.

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