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A romantic outdoor wedding in Puglia

It almost sounds like a romantic movie… From the coasts of Southern England to the bright Adriatic coasts of Southern Italy, the lovely Nicole and her beloved Jack decided to celebrate their love with all their friends, families and… comrades!

And the marvelous region Puglia is not just sea and beaches… in the shades of a lush vegetation, this lovely English couple held a very special and moving symbolic wedding ceremony… with amusing and delicious poolside reception! Nothing better than a marvelous “Masseria” to serve as setting for such a romantic and special wedding… sun, sea, smiles… could you dream of anything better for a “real Italian wedding”?

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Alexa and Anthony: an exclusive wedding near Florence

Imagine the elegance of a splendid castle… the solemnity and the deep feeling of an orthodox wedding ceremony… and the history and fascinating atmosphere of Florence

In love with Tuscany and Italy as a whole, this lovely couple chose to seal their love bond in this charming region, with the backdrop of soft rolling hills, and with centuries of history providing them with an unforgettable scenario for their dream wedding!

Romantic and impressive at the same time, the church of San Jacopo was a perfect setting for a very solemn and deep Greek-orthodox wedding: accompanied by the heavenly music of a string duo, the ceremony couldn’t be more moving and touching!

However, in order to create an unforgettable wedding there needs to be room for fun, luxury and entertainment as well… A marvelous castle in the Florentine hills provided the lovely Alexa and Anthony with a breathtaking reception for their reception and party… delicious food, elegant setting, Italian atmosphere… the perfect ingredients to “dance the night away” celebrating the newlyweds and their special bond! …and what better way to “end with a bang” than a spectacular firework show?

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A moving and romantic wedding in the countryside of Umbria

A warm sun shining bright onto a splendid green countryside… a land of history and charm, away from the tourists crowds… Kelly-Ann and Russel couldn’t dream of a better setting for their big day in Italy than the splendid, yet less renowned region Umbria!

After a romantic (and very moving!) wedding ceremony celebrated in the courtyard of a romantic bucolic villa accompanied by the fascinating melodies of a string quartet, the wedding party enjoyed a splendid outdoor cocktail surrounded by lush greenery… taking the opportunity of “cooling down in the pool”!

What better way to finish such a romantic day, than a charming dinner in the evocative patio of this splendid location? After the romantic “high point” of the cutting of the cake, the wedding party continued with the celebrations on the splendid terrace, ready to dance the night away!

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Catholic wedding and party in a splendid villa near Bellagio

Elegant, breathtaking and exclusive, the marvelous Lake Como is a true favorite among our brides and grooms wishing for an unforgettable event!

Mathilde and Richard, a lovely French couple living in London, couldn’t think of a better setting for their romantic catholic wedding, a romantic and amusing two-days event! After a splendid ceremony in the marvelous S. Ambrogio and Bernardo church, with the delightful musical accompaniment of organist and singer, the party moved in a fabulous villa on lakeshore!

In the elegant villa a charming welcome cocktail awaited the wedding party, with the charming background music of a live band (sax and guitar) that helped create the perfect atmosphere for the gathering… elegance and beauty go hand in hand with the splendid setting of Lake Como: but Mathilde and Richard wanted an exclusive big day without giving up on fun and entertainment… No better way to creating amusing moments (and memories) than the funny photo booth!

And after emotional speeches and the cutting of the cake, the wedding party was ready to dance the night away and celebrate through the night! And it didn’t end there: the day after the wedding, this lovely newly-wed couple gathered again with all their friends and family for a brunch in a charming villa!

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A terrace with sea view: enjoy the romantic and carefree wedding in Positano of Carrie and Collin

Close your eyes and imagine… a splendid city clinging on a cliff falling sheer onto the sea… the warmth of the sun, the friendliness of Southern Italy… Nothing says better “amusing”, “friendly” and “romantic”, than the splendid Amalfi Coast!

In love with Southern Italy and its beauty, this lovely couple from San Francisco couldn’t dream of a better scenery than the marvelous town of Positano and its amazing town hall with a terrace looking directly onto the blue sea… and after a meaningful, very romantic ceremony, what better way to end such a perfect day, than with a charming dinner at a beach restaurant?

Dreaming of a splendid seaside wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Just contact us with your request; we look forward to helping you live the wedding in Italy of your dreams!

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